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Hey all

2009-03-05 09:41:05 by Dicey

Hey all, pretty new to this place and quite new to music making as well :P
Trying to make as good songs as I can using Fruity Loops 8 Demoversion (wich, unfortunate (did I get that word right :O? ), dosn't allow you to save your projects)

Ill try and upload the stuff I make and hopefully I'll improve and make nicer and nicer music xD

Bad thing about my songs as they are now, is that they are quite...repetive, wich im trying to break out from but I find that quite challenging :P

I know my songs are quite short, I'm hoping to at least make them a minimum of 2 minutes long. Its not that easy to make music at home where there are decent amount of noise, and animals that dosn't like closed doors *lol*

Anyways...this be all that I can think of writing right now :P So hopefully I'll see one or two people snooping around here xD

Take care all


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2009-03-05 10:56:35

hi! welcome to newgrounds hehe oh and because you can't save is probably because you only got the demo...the one everyone els is buying is the one that cost like 199$ 0_0 lol but yeah take care :)

Dicey responds:

Woot didnt think i already would have comments Oo
hehe yeah i know its kinda expensive to buy the program, hopefully ill manage to get those money one day xD


2009-03-05 11:02:44

Download the program from Piratebay or ask a friend to help you out.
Screw demos