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Zzzzzz...Still waiting :P

2009-03-09 03:54:19 by Dicey like lets see...3 days or something since my very first music upload here on NG, still waiting for it to pop up on my site, not that much to listen to but hey, its something xD

So come on NG workers, shut down the adult movies and chop chop (joke btw, or is it....? Oo )


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2009-03-09 07:10:08

Sorry about your music upload technicalities....
(warning: very long post of writing just cuz I like to ramble)

Despite those nobel requests.

Technically...those porn artist didn't do anything wrong.

But if you really think about it...Obscenity can actually be art.

Do you know what the Catholics tried to do when they discovered Pomei's very Risque ancient art...

They tried to DESTROY it.

Sometimes we gotta look past what our teachings of purity and virtue taught us and simply look at things in the artistic sense.

I know this may seem ideological but such is the truth about art.

It is Limitless...

It can be anything...and art should NEVER have a ban.

For it would be cruel and unusual to refuse one's right to think of how he or she wishes to express themselves through art.

Take "catoblepas" for example.
This works would cause many to feel sick. And that is his/her intention.
And though one might "At first" see only filth and obscenity.
looking at it again will show just how much work and detail and dedication this one person did.

Though art alone.

And well...we gotta try to not be so objective about art at least.

Though...I still wonder just what the HELL is going on in his mind.


2009-03-09 07:15:17


catoblepas' work is a bit.....Intense.

Don't watch if you have a weak composure.
And don't be ashamed to click off early.

But despite the horrific images. It is still amazing art.