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2009-03-12 15:34:31 by Dicey

Hehe, finally got my very first song uploaded here xD Its not great tbh :P Just a little something at least. So gonna keep working with making more songs that I can throw up here, been a few days now sinde I last made something :P

Ah well I still got some stuff that I can upload here, more or less completed songs tho :P Think 'Just Rushin'' (wich I kinda just rushed through a bit to make) is the only song that actually got a....ending :P Most of my others is just like, intros, but well, I'll make sure to upload them too soon xD

Anyways, feel free to comment the, so far, only song I got :P All kind of critics is welcome, will be nice to know what people other than my family and boyfriend think of my work :P Since I know from experience that it's rather easy when you know/like someone to not be completely honest, but I hope you guys will be xD


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