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Earth Hour 2009

2009-03-16 14:10:00 by Dicey

So, the 28th March 2009 its the so called Earth Hour where everything goes dark in the entire world (hopefully) xD

Idea with this project is to well, be friendly to the climate and save energy by turning off electrical items at home such as light, tv, computer and so on, for an hour between 20,30 - 21,30.
Im aware that some people think that 'hey what the heck does an hour do for the enviroment?''
Still, even if it sounds like it wont matter much if everything turns dark in your home, its still a little bit, and many riveres turn into oceans :P

I know I'm gonna participate in this event ^^ Since I care for the enviroment and climate and isn't addicted to either lights or computer/tv. So gonna be fun to participate in something this...big xD Hope alot of people join this would be fun to walk the dog during that hour and see so many homes all dark ^^

Ok sure, the website only speaks about turning your lights off, but mind as well take one step further and just turn your entire home off including tv and such ^^


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2009-03-16 15:18:45

Thanks, you reminded me of this. I had seen this a few days ago, but I forgot to sign up there, just to confirm it. :)