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Earth Hour 2009

2009-03-16 14:10:00 by Dicey

So, the 28th March 2009 its the so called Earth Hour where everything goes dark in the entire world (hopefully) xD

Idea with this project is to well, be friendly to the climate and save energy by turning off electrical items at home such as light, tv, computer and so on, for an hour between 20,30 - 21,30.
Im aware that some people think that 'hey what the heck does an hour do for the enviroment?''
Still, even if it sounds like it wont matter much if everything turns dark in your home, its still a little bit, and many riveres turn into oceans :P

I know I'm gonna participate in this event ^^ Since I care for the enviroment and climate and isn't addicted to either lights or computer/tv. So gonna be fun to participate in something this...big xD Hope alot of people join this would be fun to walk the dog during that hour and see so many homes all dark ^^

Ok sure, the website only speaks about turning your lights off, but mind as well take one step further and just turn your entire home off including tv and such ^^


2009-03-12 15:34:31 by Dicey

Hehe, finally got my very first song uploaded here xD Its not great tbh :P Just a little something at least. So gonna keep working with making more songs that I can throw up here, been a few days now sinde I last made something :P

Ah well I still got some stuff that I can upload here, more or less completed songs tho :P Think 'Just Rushin'' (wich I kinda just rushed through a bit to make) is the only song that actually got a....ending :P Most of my others is just like, intros, but well, I'll make sure to upload them too soon xD

Anyways, feel free to comment the, so far, only song I got :P All kind of critics is welcome, will be nice to know what people other than my family and boyfriend think of my work :P Since I know from experience that it's rather easy when you know/like someone to not be completely honest, but I hope you guys will be xD

Zzzzzz...Still waiting :P

2009-03-09 03:54:19 by Dicey like lets see...3 days or something since my very first music upload here on NG, still waiting for it to pop up on my site, not that much to listen to but hey, its something xD

So come on NG workers, shut down the adult movies and chop chop (joke btw, or is it....? Oo )

Hey all

2009-03-05 09:41:05 by Dicey

Hey all, pretty new to this place and quite new to music making as well :P
Trying to make as good songs as I can using Fruity Loops 8 Demoversion (wich, unfortunate (did I get that word right :O? ), dosn't allow you to save your projects)

Ill try and upload the stuff I make and hopefully I'll improve and make nicer and nicer music xD

Bad thing about my songs as they are now, is that they are quite...repetive, wich im trying to break out from but I find that quite challenging :P

I know my songs are quite short, I'm hoping to at least make them a minimum of 2 minutes long. Its not that easy to make music at home where there are decent amount of noise, and animals that dosn't like closed doors *lol*

Anyways...this be all that I can think of writing right now :P So hopefully I'll see one or two people snooping around here xD

Take care all